MAGNETIC MIDNIGHT, by designer Lucia Echavarría, is a lifestyle brand of statement pieces that reflect a unique aesthetic imbued with a love for tradition and craftsmanship. The magnetic midnight hour differs from conventional midnight. It is the time of night when the Magnetic Poles align between the sun and an observer standing on the earth’s surface. It is the optimum time for viewing auroras.

Magnetic Midnight creations, similarly differ from conventional accessories, shining best and attracting all observers, like the auroras, during the late magnetic midnight hours. Magnetic Midnight’s unmistakable headpieces, imagined as unconventional ‘bijoux de tête,’ gave origin to the brand’s distinct aesthetic and focus on one of a kind, unique and limited-edition pieces, which has now expanded to other accessories and homeware. 

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Lucia Echavarría

Lucia Echavarría is a Colombian designer. While completing her degree in Comparative Literature and History of Art at Brown University, Lucia explored the worlds of art and design through experience at Christies, NY; the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; the Guggenheim, NY; as well as in the studio of designer Ranjana Khan. She furthered her love of craft by completing courses in embroidery at the École Lesage in Paris and wood inlay at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Doming in Bogota.

With a penchant for costume, cultural handicrafts, and aesthetic objects, Lucia launched Magnetic Midnight in 2015. Her intricate designs stem from her passion for cultural history and tradition as reflected through dress and adornment, and a constant desire to explore the nature of different materials and techniques. 


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